The team at Fort Riley Real Estate understands how important your home is to you. Whether you are renting out a home in the Fort Riley area while you are away on duty, or you are trying to manage several different rental investments to build a strong foundation for your future, we can help. Our company is experienced and has the resources to protect your investment and take great care of your tenants.

We are here to take care of every little detail, including marketing, tenant screening, maintenance, rent collection, tenant disputes, legal issues, accounting and more. You can leave all the hard work to us, and we will make sure that everything is handled the way it should be.

Each member of our team is affiliated with the military, so we appreciate your situation and the work that you do. Let us make your life just a little easier by managing your rentals for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

If you own a rental in Junction City, Wakefield, Ogden or Milford, please contact us now to discuss your management needs.