Quite a few years ago, we had a dumpster at our house which was emptied every month. After the kids all moved out, we decided we no longer needed something this big, so we downgraded to a normal sized garbage can. Immediately I realized that this was not going to work, as it was filled up way before garbage day. This is when we started to recycle and I was just amazed at how much smaller our garbage “footprint” became.
Neither Wakefield nor Junction City offers curbside recycling services as it was voted down by the voters. So it does take a small amount of effort to recycle around here. However, Geary and Clay counties as well as Fort Riley do have drop off sites to take recyclables. Geary county no longer accepts glass. Fort Riley also accepts styrofoam. Clay County drop off site is at the county landfill.  Geary is at 310 E  8th Street. Both sites will also take any hazardous waste at no charge for residents of the particular county. This includes paint, oil, oil filters, old cooking oil, poisons, unknown liquids, batteries, old televisions, etc. If you will be disposing of any hazardous items you will be required to submit your name and address. The Fort Riley drop-off is in the PX parking lot. No hazardous materials are collected there with the exception of used cooking oil.
We have small garbage cans in our laundry room, 1 each for aluminum cans, bottles and glass, food cans, plastic, cardboard, and styrofoam. Every Friday, the ones that are full get taken to the drop-off site. All paper gets shredded and than is in the garden every year as mulch.
So give recycling a try, the amount of garbage reduced will be very noticeable, which in turn helps our landfills fill up a little less quickly. You will feel good about it! Scott

Posted by: Fort Riley Real Estate on March 7, 2016
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